Richard Byrne SS Isolda

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Richard Byrne SS Isolda

Postby Mpbyrne » Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:04 pm

Hi I am looking for details of my great uncle. He was an Irish lights sailor and died in 1939. Is there any where I can find archive material on Irish Lights? I know SS Isolda was bombed in 1940. I have found a reference to First Officer Dick Byrne killed on the Kerry Head in 1940 but pretty sure this is not my great uncle, any guidance/info gratefully received.
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Re: Richard Byrne SS Isolda

Postby Snowhite » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:28 pm

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Re: Richard Byrne SS Isolda

Postby Jemser » Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:43 pm There are some contact details on their website and I'm sure some of the present day members of the service could point you in the right direction. Just a little snippet of information on the first article in Snowhite's post. There is a deck boy mentioned in the article called Sammy Williams. Unfortunately Sammy passed away only a couple of years ago, he was a lovely man with wonderful recollections. Had he still been with us I am sure that he would have welcomed your queries. Best of luck with your search.
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Re: Richard Byrne SS Isolda

Postby Rocker » Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:12 pm

The Irish Mariners site was the one I was thinking of Snowy, but, couldn't remember the name. That man Snook is a mine of information. Good luck with your search Mp.
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Re: Richard Byrne SS Isolda

Postby Micheál » Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:03 pm

Is this relevant?
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