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Postby Toss » Wed May 10, 2017 4:12 pm

Rocker wrote:why do you need a consultant,,surely any kind of surgeon could whip the tonsils I naive???

Sadly anyone who thinks our current set up is geared towards the end user is probably naive ...... the push to stay in school longer has created a monster. Each and every year newly qualified young adults are added to the workforce and they all need to have the option of a job that reflects their qualifications and makes their parents think the time and money invested in their childrens education has been a success. So, in the past when you had tonsilitis ... you probably met 2/3 people and the issue was dealt with almost instantly.

Today, you need to follow the line of protocol by talking to endless answering machines, then to secretaries, then attend a few 'consultations' and thats before you have to have 'this, that and the other' checked by the nurses to see if you are even suitable to be treated. The logic is simple, job creation comes before patient care and the more you can put roadblocks in the system .... the quicker the poor patient will run to a provate clinic and boom jackpot ! you now have the taxpayer paying taxes twice and more jobs are created with more tax being paid.

I often wonder if the people who pushed to have more and more schools / colleges etc ever thought far enough ahead to wonder where all the output was going to go ? In the rush to feel superior and ensure everyones a winner, we have lost all sense of proportion.
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